Damn you Wil Wheaton!!!!

Wil WheatonI was content Mr. Wil Wheaton. I had my video games and internet connection, talking to people over a set of headphones and rage quitting when necessary by throwing a controller and shutting off my Xbox. Sitting in the darkness, with the TV the only source of light, secured that the voices in my headphones had my back. But no, Wil, you had to put on that damn youtube video series TableTop. Suddenly turning on the lights, inviting people over to my place to play games and have fun sounded like a good idea. Now I have to clean up my place, put food in the fridge, and play the gracious host. Plus the only way to rage quit on a board game is to flip over the table, which by the way makes a mess (also you makes you look like an asshole).

For that I say thank you, I forgot how much fun it is to actually play games in a room where you can see everyone’s face, though I can’t give sole credit to Wil. I do have my group of friends that got back into tabletop gaming before me, namely Dave. Every time I go to Dave’s house I see more and more board games, the man is addicted I tell you. He embraces his geekdom with glee, never false about it, always ready to talk about the new game he read or heard about. Dave and I attempt to get together with our friends to game when we can, have a few drinks, eat some food that may or not be fit for human consumption (looking at you cheddar, jalapeno, bacon pizza). Unfortunately we can’t get together as much as we like, as life gets in the way of this simple enjoyment at times.

The reasons I love these game nights, are that they give me a release from the stresses of life, they allow me to blow off some steam in a creative way with friends. Sure not all games go smoothly, especially when trying out a new game, and sometimes harsh words can be said (John and Hank), but mostly good times had by all. We brainstorm ideas  for screenplays while we play, catch up on things we have done, movies we saw… all while face to face without being to the whims of our cell phones or internet connections.

I forgot how much I love the camaraderie and competitiveness that gaming sessions bring out in everyone involved.  So for that I thank you Wil Wheaton, for helping me rekindle my love of tabletop gaming. But for the fact of how much money I am now spending on these games… DAMN YOU WIL WHEATON!!!!!


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About Shawn Givens

Actor, writer, horror fiend, all round geek and nerd.

One response to “Damn you Wil Wheaton!!!!”

  1. Dreks says :

    I know what you mean. I just started to get into tabletop gaming recently. I also have a few friends who dove into it before me and I too discovered Will Wheaton’s youtube series. My gaming group get together twice a month and play new games we got or play old favorites, brainstorming ideas for new board games we can create. A couple of my friends have already begun designing a few and organized an unpublished convention in our town. Since the beginning of the year I have acquired 26 board games lol. Check out my geeklist, 2013 Board Game Acquisitions on boardgamegeek.com

    Thank you for an interesting read.

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