Start of the Halloween Season at Scare L.A.

Don't hug them, they tend to get a bit stabby. Horror Bunnies by Diana Levin

Don’t hug them, they tend to get a bit stabby.
Horror Bunnies by Diana Levin

Horror… really a funny sounding word if you think about it (seriously, say it five times in a row fast), and meant to convey disturbing things to frighten someone. For such a funny sounding thing, I do love it so; movies, books, comics, games, art… all of it, I want to see it in all its blood splattered goodness. Now with Halloween Season beginning to gear up, time for me to get busy seeing what is out there.

scarelasmallThe start of the season of all things horror is upon us and I cannot wait for all the decorations, special effects, and costumes to fill the aisles of all the stores. (Back off Christmas, you already killed Thanksgiving, you keep encroaching on Halloween, I’ll cut you.) The season starts off tomorrow for me as me and my girlfriend (Diana of Diana Levin Art, The Shameless Plug) go to sell her art and jewelry at Scare L.A. this fine weekend. As we were setting up, I got to wander a bit amongst the bloodied torsos, decapitated heads, demons, evil clowns, and delightful killers. I had time to look at the event program for the workshops and panels they are going to have… definitely heaven for gorehounds and fright freaks everywhere.

I just love the look she gives. Love Hurts by Diana Levin

I just love the look she gives.
Love Hurts by Diana Levin

The artwork you see on this blog has been done by my girlfriend (Diana Levin Art, The Shameless Plug Part II) except for the Scare L.A. logo, and she tends to do creepy yet cute art as she describes it. I also think for every cute art piece she does, she balances it out by doing two or three creepy/horror art works. She is inspired by the darker side of fairy tales and such, plus living with me as I watch every horror movie, good or bad, probably has a slight influence on that. What can I say… I love the horror.

We have done horror and Halloween conventions before and we are excited to be doing this one so close to home. We are hoping for a successful weekend with lots of people coming by, so if you live in the Los Angeles area come out and enjoy the fun. I just have to make sure I don’t blow all the profits Diana makes on that cool zombie mask I am eyeballing.

Til next time, The Thing will always beat the zombie penguins… always.



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