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Still alive, just busy as hell…

Seriously, I am here, working on a few longer blogs, but I am in a flux of many things. If there were only more hours in the day I would still be fucked, as I have many things on my plate.

Dapper Cthulhu by Diana Levin

Dapper Cthulhu by Diana Levin

Biggest one was moving into a new apartment and I am still organizing everything and cleaning it all up. Plus I started a new job (sure it only goes through October, but a paycheck is a paycheck) and it is a fun one, but has lots of late hours. I am still working on my scripts, polishing them up and digging through old ones that need to be rewritten. Finally to top it off, I am messing around with the Fate Core system with friends into making a setting that we may be bringing forth if we can get it all smoothed out sometime early next year.

And Halloween season is upon us, my favorite time of the year (back off Christmas, I saw you putting your shit in Target already), so I need to go shopping for some kick ass decorations to hang in the new place.

So thank you all who has decided to follow my tiny ass blog, I promise I am working on some things, and I will have some new posts coming up in the next few days.

Til next time, may Cthulhu never dress nicer than you… shit, too late.


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