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Blow off the dust, knock off the rust…


The official mascot of Ghoulish Bunny Studios... Stitches.

The official mascot of Ghoulish Bunny Studios… Stitches.

I know I have been busy, but damn… that is inexcusable. So what the hell have I been doing besides this blog thing? First up, I meant to restart this earlier in the year, but I have been in the process of starting a new business with the lovely Diana Levin. Our new business is named Ghoulish Bunny Studios and it is amazing to see it come together after much blood and sweat. I have been transferring much of Diana’s artwork over to the new site along with doing some of the blog posts for it. I am proud of what we are creating and I can’t wait to share the future collaborations that we are working on.

Fangs for the memories!

Fangs for the memories HHN!

Second, I did Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal two years in a row. It was a blast to do it and I met some amazing people, which made me a little sad I didn’t do it this year (but I had to focus on getting the new business up and running). I played Tucker in the queue line for the Insidious maze two years ago which was fun as I got to improv quite a bit and mess with the crowd. Last year I was a vampire in the Dracula advertis… I mean maze; awesome make up and scaring the shit out of people, what is there not to love.

But as I said, that is no excuse. So while this post is a bit short it is mainly to knock the rust off and get back into the groove of things. I am on a mission to post more often and try to promote the blog better than I did last time (you know, get that readership up to you know ten people… goals man, ya gotta have goals). So I shall go dig through my old notes and dislodge some thoughts from my noggin in order to form me next blog.

And seriously, you won’t have to wait two years for it… I mean it… stop laughing.

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