Just wandering about…

Let’s start off this ramble with a bit about me. I am a former military brat, grew up all over the States and spent quite a few years in Germany. I would not trade that experience for anything in the world, I got to travel, see different cultures, and that all helped shape who I am today. Plus I got to see five countries in one day because my dad refused to stop and ask for directions while looking for a furniture store in Belgium.

I currently live in Los Angeles, scraping out a living working in the entertainment business, and do I mean scraping at times. I am a bit of a nerd and geek, I love comics, video games, horror, and fantasy. I go to various geek conventions with my girlfriend, sometimes to wander, sometimes as a vendor for her art. (Shameless plug time: Diana Levin Art… now go buy something.) I also have a great love for combat arts, mainly mixed martial arts and competitive grappling, though I do have a past love for pro wrestling back in the day. I love hard rock and heavy metal, though at times I have been known to listen to other styles. And horror, I love horror… horror movies, horror books, horror video games, horror comics, even bad ones I will give a chance (much to my detriment at times).

I am an atheist, though with the state of the nation right now, Cthulhu is looking like the guy to follow right now. Politically let’s just say I am an independent, as I read the political news to raise my blood pressure and make me shake my head in disbelief. Both sides are fucking up, neither democrats nor republicans are getting anything right (or done as I scan the latest news stories), so let’s start a new party, the Cthulhu party… who’s with me? No one? Bastards!

So if you made it this far into the blog, which I do appreciate if you have, then I hope you do come back and read some more as I will try to update it on a consistent basis. I will write about things that interest me, people I meet at the conventions (I am a big supporter of indie press), and once in awhile about things that just piss me off.

Til next time, don’t lick your cat’s eyeball… it won’t end well.


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